Lee Kum Kee Stir-Fry Essentials: New and Essential for you

Shoppers can be bewildered by the choice of sauces on supermarket shelves. It is time for Australia to leave the cacophony behind and pick from the shelves a new product: Lee Kum Kee Stir-Fry Essentials.
Lee Kum Kee Stir-Fry Essentials empower the home cook to create a unique dish using their own favourite ingredients. Eating Chinese at home no longer has to involve of 3 different pouches of sauce for 3 different dinners. With Lee Kum Kee Stir-Fry Essentials the home cook can pair the sauce with their own choice of meat or tofu to create a new dining experience each time. Eating Chinese at home need not involve chasing up specific ingredients or following a convoluted recipe. Free to choose any of your favourite vegetables, from carrots to cauliflower, the Lee Kum Kee Stir-Fry Essentials range can help home cooks make an authentic Chinese flavoured meal unique to them.
With the Lee Kum Kee Stir-Fry Essentials, meals can be ready in under 10 minutes, healthy and tailored to tastes of who is cooking.
Lee Kum Kee Stir-Fry Essentials are available in 3 authentic Chinese flavours;

  • Oriental Honey and Soy
  • Asian Hoisin
  • Cantonese Soy & Garlic

Each bottle is between 245g and 268g and can be used to cook a two-person dinner up to 6 times.
The Lee Kum Kee Stir-Fry Essential range is available in all Woolworths stores.
Lee Kum Kee was founded in 1888 in Hong Kong and is the oldest brand active in Australian Chinese cuisine today. Lee Kum Kee was the inventor of the much-loved oyster sauce and is the brand of choice for Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Taiwanese chefs across Australia. Lee Kum Kee is the leader of Chinese sauces.

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