Chicken Balls with Egg Stew

Satay Chicken Kebabs


Chicken Balls with Egg Stew (makes 20)

Preparation Steps

  • 1In a large bowl, mix the first 8 ingredients in a clock-wise direction until well combined.
  • 2Place 2 tablespoons of plain flour in a bag and add quail eggs to coat
  • 3Flatten 1 tablespoon of the mixture onto the palm of your hand and place 1 quail egg in the middle of mixture. Form the mixture into a ball around the quail egg. Repeat this step until all ingredients are used up.
  • 4Heat cooking oil and shallow fry the chicken balls until golden brown. Remove from pan and drain most of the oil.
  • 5Sauté sliced shallots and garlic until fragrant. Add pepper, water and ABC sweet soy sauce and bring to boil. Condense liquid to half, add the chicken balls, coat and simmer until sauce is further reduced. Remove from heat and serve.