Mushrooms in broth with oyster sauce

Satay Chicken Kebabs


Mushrooms in broth with oyster sauce

Preparation Steps

  • 1Heat a small saucepan and add the olive oil. Add in the sliced brown onions and sauté for 3 minutes. Then add in one sliced chilli, garlic, lemon grass stalks and the kaffir lime leaves. Stir well under high heat for 1 minute, and then add in the stock and palm sugar. Do not use a lid.
  • 2After it has simmered for 10 minutes, strain the broth into a clean saucepan and add in all the sliced mushrooms, tamarind puree and lime juice. Boil for 30 seconds and set aside.
  • 3Spread out 4 bowls and add some bean sprouts, sliced chilli and coriander to each. Check for seasoning of the broth, and then ladle some into each bowl. Spoon the oyster sauce among the four bowls and serve.