16 Jan 2012 11:47 PM

The True Colours of Thailand - Valcom Curries

Thai curry, arguably one of Thailand's most beloved dishes, is made with a unique blend of fragrant herbs and spices that has found a home in many countries around the world. For those craving a quick-fix, Valcom now offers its fragrant green, red, and yellow curry sauces in easy-to-use pouches. Perfect for cooking at home with kids, these curries are made from an aromatic base of coconut milk and curry paste with all the essential herbs – lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime, a perfect blend that has kept loyal customers satisfied for the last 15 years, making Valcom the number one Thai brand in Australia*. Valcom curry is made with no added MSG or artificial preservatives.

Valcom's new curry sauce pouches are perfect for beginner cooks new to Thai cuisine. The curry sauce is already mixed and ready to use in one step; clean-up is a breeze and there is no need to worry about getting the perfect proportion of herbs and spice. Simply follow the suggested recipe on the back of the pouch for an authentic Thai curry, or if feeling creative, select your own combination of meat and vegetables. Yellow curry, the mildest of the three, is typically prepared with potato, onion, tomato and meat, while the spicier Red and Green curries are prepared with basil, bamboo, kaffir lime leaves and meat. Thai curry is traditionally soupy in texture and best served with jasmine rice, a staple food of Thailand. Valcom curry pouches serve three to four - a great dish to be shared with family or to impress that special someone.

Valcom curry pouches reduce the complexity and time needed to prepare flavourful curries and are sealed to maintain a fresh, zesty taste in a handy 250 gram package. Designed for one-time use and eliminating the need for storage, the curry pouches offer a convenient meal solution any night of the week. The brightly coloured green, red, and yellow pouches with gold lettering featuring a photo of the dish cannot be missed. Just snip open the top and an authentic taste of Thailand is just a few minutes away.

For more experienced cooks up for a challenge, look out for other curry products by Valcom, including their line of curry pastes. Many have turned to Valcom to inspire them to create delectable Thai recipes to share with their family and friends. Valcom's curry recipes are passed down from generation to generation; from mother to daughter, thereby instilling consumer confidence and reinforcing authenticity. Originating from a traditional family recipe used for generations, it is not surprising why people trust and use Valcom.

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*Source: AC Nielsen Scan Data, July 2011

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